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Practical Tips for Playing in Live Casino Poker Games
If you are an online poker player or a home game player, playing poker in a casino for the first time can seem a daunting task. Do you know how to sign up for the games? How about table changes?...
No Increase in Problem Gambling According to Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission has proved that there has been no increase in the rate of problem gambling in the UK since 1999. In its latest report, “The British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2007”, the Gambling Commission...
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Video Poker Basics

Online Casinos Video Poker has been a success since its first introduction in the late 80’s but the game wasn’t very popular until early 90’s, when plenty of machines started to populate the floors at every casino in places such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno. Unlike the traditional game, video poker’s main challenge is to beat the machine, in this version of the Poker game you are dealt five cards from which you need to choose the cards you’re going to keep to score the best possible hand. Here you don’t have to guess if a player is bluffing or not, all you have to do is get the best hand to hit the prize. Obviously you need to know at list the game basics since you have to decide which cards you are going to keep in your hand and which you would like to discard in order to exchange them for new cards. A chart is shown on the screen that specifies credits offered for each winning hand arrangement. It is important to verify the payout schemes since they tend to change from place to place.

When you check the payout chart at a video poker game you will see that it usually has five columns. The first column shows the prize amount if the player has wagered one coin; the second column shows the price amount if the player has wagered two coins and so on. All video poker games let you decide whether to bet the maximum amount of the minimum and this is where one of the video poker secrets lies. If you want to play with one coin, as most people do, press the coin symbol once, if you want to play with two coins press the coin symbol twice and so on. Many video poker machines featured at online casinos or traditional establishments, have a separate symbol for 5 coins that can be activated by a single click, because good players always play with five coins

The main idea behind video poker is to hit the best possible poker hand, but there are differences between video poker and most poker variations: In video poker there no betting rounds, you get paid for what you get, that’s why so important to check the scheme since there are different pay outs for different plays, which is completely different to what you see in traditional poker, which has several betting rounds. Another significant difference is that in video poker you get all your cards when you press the 'deal' button and in regular poker there is what is called "community cards and pocket cards".

An advice you can take in consideration when you play video poker: Always play the maximum credits since the payoffs increase depending on how many credits you make, most of the time you hear about people who bet the minimum then a royal flush comes around and they had a bet of only one credit and trust me, you don’t want to be one of them.

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How to play craps or shoot dice is rather easy to learn and then progress to more sophisticated methods of play... The basics of blackjack betting are pretty straightforward. You bet at the beginning of the game, and hope... While remaining a casual game at heart, Bingo does have its moments of excitement. From those nearing final moments... Online roulette could be considered the home version of a casino game that takes a few minutes to learn but can...
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